Swindell-Dressler Corp. 1925-1973

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1925 Swindell Furnace Illustration.jpg
Client: William Swindell & Brothers<br />
Ad Agency: George Ketchum Advertising<br />
Contact: George Ketchum<br />
Product: Electric Melting Furnace<br />
Location: Brady Stewart's office in Wilkinsburg <br />
<br />
View of William Swindell & Brothers engineering drawing of the Tilting Mechanism Assembly of the Electric Melting Furnace.  For this client, Brady Stewart purchased an Eastman Kodak Mod. 2-D View Camera.  All the negatives in this gallery are 8"x10" and still in great condition in 2020.<br />
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Swindell Dressler International Company was based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was founded by Phillip Dressler in 1915 as American Dressler Tunnel Kilns, Inc.  In 1930, American Dressler Tunnel Kilns, Inc. merged with William Swindell and Brothers to form Swindell-Dressler Corporation. The Swindell brothers designed, built, and repaired metallurgical furnaces for the steel and aluminum industries. The new company offered extensive heat-treating capabilities to heavy industry worldwide.